Play, pause and stop of audio in a timeline

I want to create a control button that starts, pauses and stops a sub-timeline (Animation and audio).
The button works well with the visual content, but it ignores audio (audio is built in as a timeline action). Audio starts with the timeline and continues uninterrupted.
What can I do?

The Hype Audio interface is very basic. So, just use Howler to start the sound with your timeline and pause it on your button, given that you code a little.

Or the smaller but little dated (still part of Adobe Animate)

It's a pity that you can't simply include an audio track as an element in Hype and activate control function on it. It would be a "nice to have".

Yes, Hype is very conservative in exposing API. Hence, there is an audio handle but only for internal runtime use. There was a workaround to fetch the audio context and that came in handy for a quick fix some time ago when Chrome demanded prior user interaction on auto start but I haven't recently checked if it is still exposed and would be useful in your case.