Play Movie Button

I’m working on a project, and I need a button or a symbol to launch a movie.
You do not have start movie are (play movie Button) Nice to have it as a menu item.
I have 20 rollover;
I have 20 movies;
Need each rollover to start his movie.
how do I connect (rollover play MOVie) mouse in action. To Play MOVIE.
That’s the problem.
Can you help

Hi @Dr.ZigZag

This is 1 way to play a movie on “rollover”. Firstly, my apologies as I’m not exactly understanding what you need but …

For each of your “rollovers” you can run a small bit of javascript that will play the movies in your scene. Each of your movies will have an ID and also a class so we can detect them all.


You can run this javascript “On Mouse Over” of any of your buttons/elements making sure that the element’s “innerText” is the same as the movie’s ID.

var movies = document.querySelectorAll(".movie");

// we are using "toLowerCase()" so we can get an exact match for the ID. 
for(movie of movies){
	if( === element.innerText.toLowerCase()){
		// movie.volume = 0.8;  // optional;

Here are 2 examples of elements you could use. Notice the different “innerText’s”

if you were to rollover these elements then you would play the corresponding movie element with the same iD

Example Doc: (772.8 KB)