Play animation from a navigation symbol

I am using a symbol that is made up of navigation buttons that allows user to move from scene to scene (three orange dots in attached image). I want add an informational button to this symbol, that opens an animated informational box. I will add a button or a tap action that will close this box.

Since I am using this navigation as persistent symbol in all scenes, I want this animation to play in any scene I use this navigation symbol.

Where do I create this animation? It looks like the symbol doesn’t have its own timeline. It looks like timelines are associated with the scene.

Is the only way to created a the “i” button animation within each scene in its own timeline?

This goes along a related question is how do we create reusable animations that we can play anywhere and any scene.

Attached is how I want it to look like.


Symbols do have their own Timelines!.

You enter the Symbol and you will see it’s main timeline. And see you are able to create new timelines that are only in the Symbol.

But since you want different info for each scene it may work for you to keep the info boxes outside the symbol and just use the info button to trigger a time on the current scene.

If you name all the timelines on the scenes the same name .ie ‘info’ then add a custom behaviour on each scene for the info button in the symbol to trigger. Again each CB on the scenes should be of the same name. You can use ‘info’

The symbol will always trigger the CB for the current scene. The CB will start the timeline on the current scene.

There are other ways of doing this but this may be the simpliest way if you do not have a ton of scenes. (82.1 KB)


Mark, I didn’t know each symbol has a separate timeline! I thought when you open the symbol (purple symbol bar) , that was the timeline for the scene.
Great! This makes them even more powerful.

I actually want the same info on every scene so my solution should be much simpler. But good to know that you can customize individual timelines. Yes when you have lots of scenes, managing all the timelines can be challenge.

Thanks for your help. :fist_right::pray::+1:

I LOVE this forum.