Play and reverse video buttons

Hi, I need a play and a reverse buttons to control a mp4. I have seen the following solution that controls the video with a slider:

I need to do the same, but the video is triggered forward when the play button is pressed and backward with the back button.


Do you want to play the video in reverse? or just rewind it? Just a hint that videos are streamed progressively. There is no easy way to play them backwards without getting strange or laggy behavior.

Using a negative value for the HTML5 video's playbackRate looks only supported by Safari:

You may instead want to have two videos (one is in reverse) and swap them. You'd need some code to sync their currentTime value.

This might be a starting point. I experimented with something like that, although with a single video. Having two player, as @jonathan suggested, and swapping visibility might also come in nicely.