Planetary Gear System Animation

Hey guys, I’m trying to achieve the type of animation in this attached gif of the planetary gear system, I’m able to get the three smaller gears turning counterclockwise but I’m unable to get them all rotating clockwise together while maintaining their individual counterclockwise motion.

Is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried grouping them and applying the rotation, but it overrides their individual rotation.

Animation example -

Thanks so much!

Try clicking ‘rotation follows motion path’ in the metrics inspector

Thanks! Its still overriding the counterclockwise rotation of the individual cogs

This is what you’re trying to do right? (12.2 KB)

Yeah What Am I doing wrong?? (55.3 KB)

Nothing :joy:

You need to keep playing with the rotation speeds, they are counteracting and making it look like they aren’t spinning. (84.3 KB)

Thanks! swapped it to -1440 and it worked!

Thanks so much

Glad I could help :slight_smile: