Placing a Captivate Quiz in a Hype project then exporting as an iPad app using Xcode

Hi all,

I have created an English app for children using hype that has an HTML Widget containing a link to an externally hosted Captivate quiz. The quiz is simple and runs perfect within the exported Hype app in the browser and as a web app on the iPad.However after wrapping the Hype file in Xcode and running it in test-flight the external quiz doesn’t work. I have a feeling i need to place the quiz resources in the Xcode project before exporting from there but dont know where to start with that problem. Has anyone ever tried to do something similar using Hype/Captivate/Xcode?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Do you see any errors in Xcode’s console? Off the top of my head you may be hitting an issue with the security of the connection – is the Captivate quiz loaded over https?

Thanks Daniel,

No errors in Xcode and yes the quiz is hosted on one of my servers and loaded without any certificate protection thanks for the clue, might buy a cert and try that, cheers Daniel.


Daniel still getting nowhere with this, have you come across this error before in xcode?

<CATransformLayer: 0x7be26590> - changing property masksToBounds in transform-only layer, will have no effect

This error appears in the output panel when the external resource should load via the Hype HTML Widget.


Unfortunately not, but in a quick Google it appears to have been fixed in iOS 9.2:

Are you on version 9.1 by chance?

Thanks for taking the time to reply Daniel. I ran the code using the iPad 2 simulator for ver (9.2) and still no joy. The Hype project is working perfectly just no external HTML Widget content will come in for me. This is an Xcode issue I feel :frowning:

Have you started using SSL? You would need to request an exception if you are requesting http (as opposed to https) content.

The latest version is iOS 9.3, so I would try that.

Also, can you get the latest Xcode upgrade? This will bring in the latest device simulators.

No just using http I will move the content over to https server and upgrade. Thanks again will let you know if it works, quite new to Xcode so appreciate any help I can get !

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SOLVED: Problem wasnt as difficult as first imagined, heres how I solved it.

  • Exported quiz from captivate and dropped the html quiz file and folder assets into Xcode folder structure

  • Changed the source URL in the Html web object in Hype project to point inside the quiz folder within Xcode and drill down to the html file within.

<iframe width="928px" height="550px" src="../quiz/index.html" style="border:0px" scrolling="no" seamless></iframe>

As I said easier than I expected…cheers for the help Daniel

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