Pirate treasure map

Had a chance to create this for work using my two favourite apps, Hype and Blender3d.

If you have a chance to let me know what your load time was and any issues you had viewing that would be super helpful, thanks!


The buttons don’t link to anything but you can roll the mouse over them :slight_smile:


The 3d models looks great, and nice technique of swapping in/out the animated gifs!

btw, if you happened to want an effect of the items more smoothly moving in/out, I’d recommend using Continue Timeline for the Mouse Over and Mouse Out (with Play in Reverse checked for the mouse out, and no need to pause).

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Thanks Jonathan, I had not thought of that but of course it will work much better!

More recent version: https://content.une.edu.au/2018/main_map_v2.html




I agree with @jonathan on this. The abrupt motion when switching to next is a bit off putting nonetheless great work on using 3d and hype :+1:

Hi Raph,

This is really lovely work. Loaded fine in the UK.
Thanks for sharing it!