Pinegrow Converter for Wordpress

Just came across this… has anyone worked with this converter and Hype?
Seems like it would be a great add on to my toolkit.

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My guess is that that “your favorite HTML-Editor” will be the problem. Hype renders HTML on the fly so I am pretty sure the wordpress convert will fail. But I’d like to be surprised.

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But if you want to use WordPress Data in Hype you can always just load it from the Wordpress API as JSON. Not much effort to parse it and assign it.

For example here:

Based on this article:

This JSON Viewer is pretty helpful at times:

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Here is the more modern version to connect Hype to WordPress (requires plugin installation):

And here is the corresponding in browser viewer to check the query

Would love to make a tutorial on this one GraphQL for Hype. So many ideas so little time… anybody?

And finally there is the lazy way using old school shortcodes. I wrote this wrapper for the regular Hype Wordpress Shortcode to add dataset values to your documents. Could be revised but should still be working: