Pin elements to each other

This may be possible, or it may be a feature request, but it sure would be nice to pin elements to one another.

What I mean is that I’d like to be able to have the relative positions of elements remain the same, even as they are scaled.

If I have multiple elements on a page that are relative to one another, I’d like to have them stay in the same relative positions to one another as the elements are scaled. I can’t find a way to do this. I can pin them to the left, top, bottom or right of a layout, but that means they move relative to each otters during scaling.

Maybe a group would work instead.

Sadly, groups don’t work in this instance.

You’ll probably want to turn off all pins; this will result in the position of the element being the same relative to its parent (thus two elements would stay together). This is a new mode in v3.5:

If one is scaling and the other isn’t though, this wouldn’t solve the problem.