Picture quality

Hi im having an issue with image quality on export I have unchecked to optimise on export but the pictures are still coming out blurry

my images are jpg 150ppi

other than the optimise on export option is there anything else within hype that will be reducing my image quality?


you could compare your original file with the one in the exported folder ... are there differences between those when unchecking optimise?

btw a resolution means nothing regarding a imagesize in pixels ... it's a relative value

It would be useful if you are able to post a zip of your .hype document and share which images are blurry, along with the OS, browser, version, and device you are viewing on.

The other item that can be a factor is if you do transformations on the item like a scale. Hype tries its best to keep good fidelity of elements, but in some cases may have to fall back on bitmap scaling methods. Sometimes you can uncheck "Use WebKit graphics acceleration" and/or "Position with CSS left/top" in the Document Inspector and get different rendering methods. Usually it is more about the image export though!

Resolved the issue thank you, basically the screen shots were grabbed over a conference call that had reduced the quality and then the optimisation within hype further reduced it