Physics Mini Templates for Tumult Hype 4

Also, if you have the ball on the edge of the browser window, resizing the window can cause the ball to get lost.

Yes, I would recommend this. When you use Hype to update the scale or rotation, we manage updating the physics body. (Do note I think this also means we end up resetting a lot of values like velocity – something necessary now but I’d like to improve in the future).

What’s the story with Physics? I thought there would be another beta version available. Are you working on something super secret? Now that “Wrapping” is done, I’m considering project ideas for the next app. I started reading the Tumult forums and forgot about Physics.

Are you still aiming for a first-quarter 2018 launch of Hype 4?

I’m not trying to rush you. I was just wondering if maybe I should start working with Physics again. But after fighting with those sandboxing issues for so long, I probably should pick something easy for my next project. :smile:

That’s the goal. Sorry there hasn’t been a new build out, there have been a few business distractions getting in the way. Hope to have something soon!

So, what’s the story with Physics? It seems that the Hype 4 beta is going much longer than planned. Perhaps this is because Physics is being worked on?

Meanwhile, matter.js appears to have been updated today…

I don’t mind waiting, I actually appreciate the fact Tumult is taking its time with Hype. It shows that they care about what they put out and strive for best build to be Hype 4.



Well, I don’t mind waiting longer for a Hype 4 release as… one, I already have access to the beta… and two, I don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on in the Tumult offices. However, look at the dates in this thread… one is separated by three months and another by four months.

So, my inquiry isn’t so much about the launch of Hype 4. It’s more about the risk vs reward. Is this delay worth it? I thought after seven months, I’d be seeing some amazing progress with Physics. I haven’t seen anything. That’s concerning.

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So yeah, I’m not rushing Hype… but this is beta. Shouldn’t there be more action here?

I’m bumping this thread, as Beta 624 has a lot of physics changes. Maybe these mini-templates are helpful with testing.

This is really great. Haven’t played around with this yet. Nice reveal.

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Bumping this again, lots of Physics testing to do.


Inertia ‘Infinity’ to stop rotation…

Looks like Daniel made this public.

Nooooooo… it’s a secret. It was for the Hype 4 book.

Oh well, enjoy everybody. :smile:

You really can’t enjoy Hype 4 Physics without it.
I still have to name the API though.
I was thinking Photics-Physics-Bridge.

Seemed useful; I flipped it back for you :slight_smile:.

Well, yeah. Ha ha. That’s how you sell books.

I could have done that… and I did… I switched it back to the “Physics” thread. It’s a party. Everybody be happy. Let’s just say my plans for the Hype 4 book are… even better. These templates can be teasers.

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TANK, load the jump program

This project probably won’t make it into the book, so I figured that I’d post it here. It’s from the beta. It was used for testing. It was the turning point, when it was proven that Hype 4 could be used to make games. (20.1 KB)

Nah, it’s just going to be one big book. HA HA. :grin:


it’s been a great template … still is :slight_smile:



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 function ppbTS(e, t) {
      Matter.Events.on(hypeDocument.getElementProperty(e, 'physics-engine'), 'afterUpdate', function (event) {
           hypeDocument.getElementProperty(e, 'physics-engine').timing.timeScale = t;


Online Example

Notes — Whoa! :scream_cat:


I’m reconsidering putting the “Jump” template into the book. What do you think?

Should there be a chapter dedicated to the “Jump” template?

  • Yes! :slightly_smiling_face:
  • No! :rage:

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Yeah, the "Jump" template has to go in the book now. It's got wall jumping.


I think it's pretty clear now. You can make games with Hype. That was the mission I set out to achieve with the book. This clinches it.

UPDATE: Firefox support was terrible. The template was updated to better support that browser.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Wow, if I would have made simplistic controls like this — ten years ago — I'd probably be rich by now. The template now has touch controls. Swipe left / right to move, swipe down to stop, tap to jump.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: There's a nice discussion about this template here...