Physics for both iOS & OS X iBooks

I’m working on a fixed layout iBook with pages that are HTML5 widget scenes built in Hype Pro. Several elements in the scenes will be physics powered, which is great for mobile. But iBooks is available for both iOS and OS X. Is there a rule of thumb for creating for both mobile and non-mobile?

I’m not a coder nor a gamer-I’m an old television director and motion graphics creator. But storytelling is storytelling, and Hype Pro has flung the doors wide open for me to use a lot of my old tricks in a new world.

In my testing, what you get on the iPad & Mac version of iBooks are pretty close to identical. You’ll definitely see higher performance on newer iPads and on Mac iBooks if you’re using a heavy imagery or many CSS filter effects.

I recommend checking out and downloading some of the examples from our gallery and exporting them as Widgets. (For example, the Castle physics document works very well in iBooks).

All threads for iBooks widgets (and some of its quirks) can be found here:

Thanks very much for the links.
I designed several scenes that rely on tilting in mobile-then I realized that iBooks also plays on Macintoshes which won’t be moving at all-so trying to discover how to retain some of the engagement brought to mobile that I will lose on PCs.