Physics / floating in air with small collision

I am trying to create something like the following:
Circles / bubbles floating in the air permanently and slowing changing direction when getting in collision with each other or with the borders of the screen.
It works a short while but eventually stops when all object are at the bottom of the screen.

Is there an option like “Magnet +” or “Magnet -” force ?


Can you post the project. There is no option that I am aware of like that (yet) but maybe you could have an invisible object on the bottom gently nudging them up. (19.0 KB)

So I was thinking something like this. (21.8 KB)

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Nice one !
I understand … good idea !

I am unable to open these project-files.

“The folder ‘resources’ does not exist.”

Any way I can still open these files? :slight_smile:

I just opened the one I posted!.

The project is pure Hype and no JS.

What version of Hype are you using?

My mistake, now it works! :see_no_evil: