Physics Engine Wishlist

  1. Physics Container: instead of having to create cumbersome static “walls” outside of the document bounds to keep dynamic bodies from flying off-screen, it would be great to define a rectangle as a container for enclosed or grouped dynamic bodies.

  2. SVG Shape Support: would be great for Hype to use boundaries of svg objects as dynamic collision bodies and also as containing elements as in point 1.

  3. Behaviors to Pause (freeze) / Resume (unfreeze) physics engine on scene unload / load: instead of resetting to initial state.

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Thanks for the requests, definitely agree these would make great additions.

I think you could do this now (roughly) with a bit of work. The general steps would be:

  1. Put your physics items in a persistent symbol
  2. Make a custom behavior for the persistent symbol which runs timelines to change the bodies from inactive to dynamic
  3. On scene load/unload, trigger the relevant behaviors

As it is in a persistent behavior, the physics can continue to run. Clearly some of the physics might be a little off as it won't have velocity, but this might get you some of the way there.

the location of the scene physics gravity (in my opinion) is in the wrong place
just an idea for the wish list for the physics engine, in the screen grab the “front” wheel is selected.