Physics engine which compliments hype?

(Lucky) #1

Has anyone here tried to combine with another engine successfully?

I was messing around with matter.js since hype doesn’t do what i’m trying to do for an experiment which is physics collision beyond squares. Polygons , hexagons, complicated shapes. But the engine it’s built on is capable of it. So I’m assuming you guys have stripped a lot for the sake of filesize which is pretty great in most scenarios.
Got it to work very easily using matter.min but matter from what I found has a very limited documentation, very few examples and started to look for other engines. The only support I found for matter is
and decompiling
If any of you know any good engines that do physics well which are low filesize that would be amazing.


(Mark Hunte) #2

You may want to read through this popular thread

(Greg) #3

I’ve been experimenting with Crafty.js, I haven’t seen much difference in it vs Hype as of yet. But I’ve only tried the basics so far.