Physics, Digital Duct tape and thinking outside the box

(Nick ) #1

I have seen a few posts looking for some tutorials and examples of pushing the physics in Hype to do some things like the Javascript Game engines out there.
I was teaching my kids how to Hype around Easter break and we built this quick little egg decorator.
This example uses digital duct tape to solve a problem.
Drop an element (plain egg) into a machine and have it spit out a decorated egg.

There are ways to replace an image with another image using javascript but the goal of this exercise was to get the kids familiar with “just Hype” and come up with a creative way to solve a problem.

So we came up with a magic trick of sorts used in wooden toys and automata. Build a hidden scaffold that uses the STATIC Physics property in such a way that we can guide our DYNAMIC physics object out onto the STATIC grass.

Things you could do with this are, add more colored eggs in the machine, add some animated levers to push chickens out instead of eggs etc.

Using Hype Pro 3.0 as it is built today takes a little bit of a toy makers tinkering but you can come up with some really clever interactions.


egg (113.3 KB)

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

i’ll keep this in mind to built sthg for next year. you should have come up with the idea of an easter-egg-factory in february :wink:

(Nick ) #3

By next Feb where I live I will still be thinking of snow and ice :wink:
ice turning into sun perhaps…hmmm :smile: