Physics: Add Wind / Current Generator

Would be great to have a wind/flow/water current generator in the Physics model.

Basic: Constant flow across entire stage, with option for intensity ( like horizontal gravity )

Medium: Use a shape tool to outline/mask area affected by the flow and add direction

Advanced: Use shape tool to draw path of flow. e.g. You draw a winding river, you overlay the flow path over the river, everything that drops into the river follows the path.

Of course, I have no idea how hard this would be to implement but if it was available, it would be cool.

Maybe Hype 4.0? :wink:


Thanks for the request! I want to do more with Physics for the next version.

Note that the “basic” can presently be calculated by adjusting the gravity force and angle.

Thanks Jonathan,
Cool. I’ll have to give that a go :wink: