Physical elements escaping through static walls


I’ve been having a problem with physical elements escaping through static buffers bounding a scene. They are ok when they’re just bouncing on their own, but when they’re thrown around in an enthusiastic manner, they bounce straight through the buffers and disappear. I’ve tried making 2 buffers for each side, making them wider and mucking about with the density and nothing seems to help.

Does anyone have any ideas? If the static elements aren’t really designed to cope with elements being thrown about hard while bouncing off one another, that’s ok.

I’ve made a test file that shows all the physics settings I’ve used. (The blue rectangles are symbols, because that’s what I have in my original file and I don’t know if that makes a difference here.)

The top buffer starts out inactive, so that the blue rectangles can drop through, then becomes static at 2 seconds.


buffer (33.8 KB)

Have a look at this thread

That was quick! Thanks so much Mark, I’ll give that a go.

Since you have two elements here is an adaption…

buffer (38.3 KB)

Hi Mark, thanks, that’s got me halfway there.

The yellow squares are fine. They bounce, drag and don’t fly out of the container when I throw them around.

The blue rectangles are tripping me up. If I leave them as they are, they fly out of the container when they’re collided with.

If I give them UniqueElement IDs and class name “drags” ( like the yellow squares) , they don’t fly out of the container, but they seem to have lost most of their bounce and are generally behaving sluggishly.

Do you know what’s happening there? I’m not good with code, but seem to have used it correctly for the yellow squares. I’ve done a lot of testing and can’t figure this out.

It is because they are Symbols and also a single symbol. rather than duplicates.
That was why I initially did not add them to the constraints.

This method does not seem to play nice with Symbols and I have not really spent much time digging…

If you do not need them as symbols then that would work better.

buffer (38.3 KB)

As shown here with blue 2

Hi Mark,

Aah I see now. I do need them to be Symbols, because in the document I’m making, they’re animated. I was wondering if that might be the source of the problem.

That’s fine, I can live with a bit of mayhem and with your help I’ve learned a lot in trying to figure it all out, so thanks again.

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