Php enabled Hype QR code creation site


Nick, you rule dude! That’s awesome!

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Nick, I used your web app to create a QR code. I dowloaded it to my computer and scanned the image with my iPad using “QR”. It Works Greatly - Nice job Nick.

Is there a limit to the number of characters you can use in a QR code?

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Thanks Greg!
If you use the ECC “H” for Best and 10 for the size you can hold aproximately 7,000 characters.

I don’t think people have really used these codes to their fullest extent yet. Lots of business card applications but you could use them as the basis for an adventure game.
Also great for scavenger hunts with a group of folks.

If you want some real interesting background on the code read about the code behind the code “Reed Solomon” error Correction codes. I do not fully understand the math but it is pretty fascinating.

Hi Nick. Are you still into working with QR code and Hype? I have a potential client that want to create a scanning APP. If you are, could we have an offline chat? Thanks.

Yes please contact me via message and lets talk!