Photics-Physics-Bridge – Name The Function

What do you prefer as the name of the Photics-Physics-Bridge for Tumult Hype?

  • PhoticsPhysicsBridge
  • PhPhB
  • mjs
  • ppb
  • hypePhysics

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Right now, the “Photics-Physics-Bridge” is named after Matter.js

function mjsVelocity (e, xSpeed, ySpeed) {
    Matter.Body.setVelocity(hypeDocument.getElementProperty(hypeDocument.getElementById( ), "physics-body"), {x: xSpeed, y: ySpeed});

Yet, I hesitate to call it that, as it’s not exactly Matter.js — It’s shorthand between Hype and Matter.js. What would you prefer to call it?


Too short, it might collide with something else. Too long, it’s too confusing and longer to type.


Do You Like The Idea of the Photics-Physics-Bridge?

  • Yes, it’s totally necessary.
  • Nah, I don’t need it.

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Hmm… not much insight with this poll. It’s surprisingly split.

I didn’t want to call it ppb because it didn’t sound cool enough, but the corona virus pandemic introduced me to a new acronym… PPE.

If that’s good enough for professionals, such as doctors and firemen, then it’s good enough for me!

So, here’s the naming convention…

ppbVelocity(e, xSpeed, ySpeed);

I think that’s easier to type than what’s done with Hype. For a while, I was wondering why I would even bother with this. Heh, then I looked at my notes and saw the word — RADIANS! :laughing:

It’s totally needed.