Perspective Loop

I am trying to create a looping animation with some perspective where the shapes get smaller into the distance. I think I am pretty close but the animation seems a little jumpy where it loops. It is not a smooth transition. Wondering if anyone might have any tips for improvement. I really want it to maintain a constant speed so that it looks sort of like an assembly line. *Note the shapes are still rough and need work but it's the speed that is a bit wonky. (410.3 KB)

CleanShot 2022-02-11 at 22.47.46

Have a look at this: (24,4 KB)

Also, here is another older one.


Oh that is fantastic! Thank you Max!!

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I notice in the top sample there is a still a slight pause between the two loops. Any idea why this might be Max?

Do you mean the easing? You could also just do linear

Well, I'm wondering if that is what is causing it but I tried putting linear easing on it and there is still a pause between the two sections.

Okay, then it is probably the end and start frame are similar. For the loop, you would need the last frame to be one frame less. Either move the end frame position or set the loop timeline action slightly earlier. Finally, there is the option to move via script (24,5 KB).


Cool. Will give that a try. This is a way better way to do this than my version haha. Thank you!

Oh that is perfection. No pause. It's perfect. Thanks again Max!