Personalized menu in a Wordpress theme

Hi, I created with hype a particular animation of the menu (different from the usual hamburger menu) it’s possible to change the wordpress template menu with mine? it’s possible to insert it via the Hype plugin for wordpress?

You could definitely do this – instead of using the Hype Animations plugin, you would need to upload it as a regular Hype export and embed it within your theme. This is a good place to start: Video: Embedding in Wordpress (Posts, Pages & Themes)

The video on that post will show you how you can reference an uploaded Hype document, and was created prior to the Hype Animations plugin. While you can embed a Hype Animation shortcode within your theme using something like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[hype_animations_anim="12"]' ); ?>

I think it is better to embed it outside so you have full control over the inline CSS styles for the menu and you can more easily position it.

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