Persistent Symbols: Hover state stuck on scene transition

I just found a bug with persistent symbols. It seems that if you make a button within a persistent symbol switch to a new scene, the button remains stuck in its hover state.

I used the “Report an issue” as well. (18.4 KB)

Potential workaround - create and add the following function on the button’s On Mouse Over and On Mouse Out events (changing the colors to whatever you use for your button):

function manualHover(hypeDocument, element, event) {
    if (event.type == "mouseover") { = "#000";

    if (event.type == "mouseout") { = "#111";

Thanks for reporting this, but I’ll need to disagree that this means persistent symbols shouldn’t be used on any project.

My apologies, that was a bit snappy of me, as I got frustrated with finding 2 issues with symbols in rapid succession. I will edit the first post to make it a bit more relevant for this new thread.