Persistent symbol to fake an animated 'visited' state


Have attached a rough example of creating an animation in the first scene that ‘sticks’, ie the animation shows you what you’ve previously clicked when you return. See my attached zip, ‘4-symbol animation test’, and the only button animated thus far is the ellipse in the top left, which turns red as you hover.

I’ve used a persistent symbol to create the animated line, which remains ‘persistent’ in that scene when you return - all good. You’ll see I also have a red ‘background colour’ change on the ellipse on the Hover state, to give an instant visual trigger to click, as you mouse over.

I’d like the red circle and the line to remain, when you return to the first scene, and it only does sometimes. I thought that including the ‘background colour’ animation on the red ellipse inside the symbol which also make that red colour change ‘stick’, but it doesn’t always.

Any ideas of what else I could try, to consistently keep my ‘background colour’ change on return?
Thanks -

4-symbol anim (19.6 KB)



Hi Sharon!

You don’t need to use a persistent symbol (or a “regular” symbol) for this purpose. Return to the “end” timeline state of “Scene 1” by recording the timeline position when leaving “Scene 1” - the "On Scene Unload"event - and place this number in a variable (using a function).

scene1_timelineLoc = hypeDocument.currentTimeInTimelineNamed('Main Timeline');

When returning to “Scene 1” (“On Scene Load” event) go to this variable time (using a function):

hypeDocument.goToTimeInTimelineNamed(scene1_timelineLoc, 'Main Timeline')

I do not have any more time for a more extensive reply - or an example. If You do not get what I am suggesting I will have more time tomorrow to create a demo - or perhaps others on the Forum will. :crazy_face:

(Loves Hype) #3

There are multiple examples one search away. Currently on the road so can’t search for you. Regards