Persistent Symbol not visible

I have a flexible layout. There are several scenes. For this there are two different headers (e.g. for menus), which I created as two permanent (persistent?) symbols, they should be each visible over several scenes. You can navigate between the scenes with side swipes.

For symbol 1 (menu 1 in the example) I checked „zoom content“. It is almost perfect, but the text (and future images) scales irregularly, which is wrong.
Symbol 2 is not scalable at all, of course this is not intended, just for comparison.
For symbol 3, I changed everything, I did not check „zoom content“ of the symbol, but the content inside the symbol is checked scalable and zoomable. „Stretch“ for rectangles, „resize“ for the text. The scale-behavior is actually as desired.
But there is a problem: after the transition the symbol is not displayed at all. Only after a resize. Or swiping again.

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

PS: I’m not sure about the terminology, i'm working in the german version and have translated (100.8 KB)

I think the way to do this, since you have text, is to not use "zoom contents" but instead setup specific scaling for the group, and then setup scaling for the text element itself that uses "zoom contents" but also has a proportional (shrink) scale behavior.

This looks like some sort of bug between hidden :eye: elements, flexible layout, and persistent symbols.

I need to investigate more (I've had trouble reproducing with simple test cases so far), but I would recommend just deleting the persistent symbol from scenes where it is not used instead of hiding it. This worked for me when I deleted "Symbol 3" in sz1.

The intended/english term is Persistent Symbol; I've changed the title to reflect this. But I think "permanent" symbol is a pretty close translation :slight_smile:.

Thanks, Jonathan.
That's incredibly simple, I could have figured that out myself. Deleting the persistent symbol from scenes where it is not used - mission accomplished.
It also works for my real project, in which this problem first appeared.

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Awesome, I'm glad that was able to workaround the bug - thank you for reporting this issue!