Persistent symbol changes to normal symbol automatically

I have about 25 scenes which slide in and out based on some button interaction. However there are a couple of elements that we dont want to move when the scene transitions/changes/slides in/out. We have converted those fixed elements to persistent symbols so that they are not affected by scene slide to next scene or previous scene.

  1. I wanted to know if there was any other way to hold such elements without having to make them into persistent symbols. Persistent symbols have their own issues lie the one discussed below and we would prefer creating persistence for the navigation and other elements by some other means.Is there any other way to create persistence?

  2. When we edit the pins (in flexible layout options) or position etc of any of the persistent symbol on any of the scenes it gets converted into a normal symbol on all 25 scenes and we lose the ability to retain the elements as the scenes slide in or out in transitions. The elements of the normal symbol now slide in or out with the scene transition. We now have to convert all 25 instances on the scenes into persistent symbols!!! And then delete the earlier instances of the symbol. that is a little too much. And if we decide to change anything again in the persistent symbol it again changes to normal symbol!!! and we have to re-convert to persistent symbol and delete . Is there a solution to this messy behavior?

Not an answer just some clarity.

A persistent symbol will stay a persistent symbol.

If you edit elements within it the same elements will change in all.

But the persistent symbol itself is an individual element if you move one symbol in one scene the others will not move.

But they are all still persistent symbols.

The persistent part is with the elements within.

Thank you for the response. I too thought the same but if i edit a persistent symbol on one scene it ceases to behave like a persistent symbol.

For example if i have a navigation icon as a persistent symbol on all scenes then it stays on screen even when the scene changes in a scene transition. That means that even if the scene slides to left/right and a new scene slides in the navigation icon remains in the same position and does not move with the outgoing scene. But as soon as we edit the persistent symbol then on certain edits (edits in the symbol and not in the elements within it) it suddenly loses the persistent behavior and starts moving out with the outgoing scene.

Is there any way in hype to create elements or groups of elements that stay on the screen even as the scene in which those elements appear transitions into a new scene? Without resorting to persistent symbols which change their persistent behavior without any warning.

Persistent symbols are the only elements that can appear on top of scenes during a scene transition (short of your own HTML code).

I’m curious about the behavior you are hitting; the persistent symbol will remain across both scenes if it is included in both scenes. Additionally it will be brought up to the top if you check ‘Display on top during scene transitions’ (the default) in the Symbol inspector. Otherwise it will naturally change its layer ordering and can also change its position between the scenes. Perhaps the location and ordering is a bit different for you?

If you have an example of the incorrect behavior you’re hitting with persistent symbols, please send a zip of your .hype document and I can take a look.

The behavior i am hitting is erratic - it happens about 30% of the time. Persistent symbols are present on all scenes. But If we change any persistent symbol’s pinning on any one scene the persistent symbol starts moving with the scene transitions - for example if we have a left to right slide transition then the persistent symbol changes to standard symbol and I have to convert it back to persistent symbol on all scenes. Dont have any document right now because we went ahead with the project without using the persistent symbol and changed the document quite a bit.

Is there any other way to achieve the “Display on top on scene transitions” behavior without using persistent symbols? Using html widgets, js or other methods?

Persistent symbols is the only mechanism within a singular Hype to do so. Otherwise you’d need to use a different Hype document and stitch them together via HTML; this wouldn’t be too hard since you could absolutely position one on top of the other. You could then communicate between them with the Hype API, targeting the other document via HYPE.document["documentName"].

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