Persistent Symbol Can Not Be Added

Working with the same template (One Page) (see graphic)

Before I give up on deleting some of my pages, I want to add one more menu item, (currently 4) but when I try and duplicate or copy I get this message. I understand that there are multiple elements with these 4 items, but I can’t even figure out how they were made if I was to make them from scratch. I decided on my iPhone design, I’d just keep the 4 items, but now that I’m moving into the desktop design, I really would like to have that extra menu option. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about yesterday’s post, but thanks for the quick response! I was able to get that to work!

Regardless of duplicated instance of a Persistent symbol. Each instance can only be on a scene once.

So you would need to duplicate menu_button2 and the drag and drop the duplicate.

Note we are talking about Persistent symbols and not standard which can have multiples of the same instance on a scene.


That’s awesome! So much work to get all these things to work! It will be worth it though!