Persistant Symbol - scale jumps on transition

If a persistent symbol has an image within that is not 100% scale, during scene transition it will ‘jump’ from a small to a large scale.

FIX: Images within a persistent symbol need to be 100% scale to avoid this.

This is seen with png type images and during ‘push’ transitions.

Image attached to show issue.

------ BUG FIX please --------

Little confused by what you mean.
If you downs size the scale of a PS in one scene the PS in the next will not be affected.

If you down size the scale of an element/image inside the PS then all instances of the element/image in the PS will be show the change.

Yes you are correct, but if I downscale the image within the PS, when there is a transition there is a weird jump in scale.

This is corrected when returning images within the PS to 100% scale.

trying to send a video to show the error

Hopefully a video is attached showing the error, the cars (3, 2, 1) jump on transition that is unintended.

I ma not seeing this in my test…

Nope cannot see your video…
May be worth also posting the project or example which behaves the same…

I uploaded the video to youtube:

I’ll recreate the error in a scaled down project & upload.

I notice from 5-4 the issue does not happen…

Yes I think it was because the scale for the images in 5 and 4 was 100%.

Note that the nav up the top has the same symptom a jump when it first loads. I adjusted the scale by 1% and it stopped happening.

I tried to recreate the issue without success in a new project.

We’re aware of an issue where the scaling can be incorrect if the persistent symbol is located within a group.

(I emailed asking for a .hype document just to verify this is the issue!)