Persistant Symbol | Carousel navigation issue

Hi folks!

New to the forums so i’m not sure if this is the right place to post “help” threads, however…

I’m trying make a carousel in hype (I have hype pro) and it does work. But I can’t seem to fix the 1 issue I have. The carousel is on a endless loop (as expected) i can click the navigation and it still continues the loop which is exactly what its suppost to do but once clicked the “highlight” sticks and I can’t seem to figure out why! I’m in need of help!

Could any of you Hype gurus take a look at it? I’m hoping it isn’t something obvious (that would make me feel dumb, hehe…) But I’m still hoping someone will giggle and tell me “yes, your dumb” - “you forgot to uncheck this” or something similar… hehe

I have attached the .hype document (zip) below. (418.9 KB)



Haha, never mind… I solved it… And yes, I feel quite dumb!

Anyone who want’s a carousel, feel free to download the one above. To fix the issue that i had (!) - double-click the symbol and hide the “Select #” layers…

(I knew it was something stupid like “uncheck” something…)