Permanent symbol duplicate - BUG!

i always use permanent symbols in order to fit the same game to different screens
and to use same element-IDs.
in this case i use an input-field with an id. but as soon as i create an iphone screen
and place the game (permanent symbol) the game won´t work.
i think because of the 2 same-IDs.
does anyone have a solution how to avoid this? (982,6 KB)

thank you!

Hi @strmiska

You can give persistent symbols the same ID. The ID’s don’t carry over when you place the same symbol on a different layout. You have to type them in yourself :frowning:

this i know, i always do that. but in that case i have to write the "id=“input1"” into the input-field directley.
otherwise my function won´t work.

If the input is inside a persistent symbol it should be fine. As there is only one overall instance of the symbol there is only one instance of that input in that layout.

Have you tried adding the ID’s to the persistent symbols in your iPhone layout?

if you download my example, you can see the input is inside the symbol "id=“input1"”.
if you delete the iphone -layout, the function is working. as soon as i create a new layout it stoppes.
this problem i also detected in my other games. there i use 4 layouts, but can´t use only 2 per scene.
i then created a redirection to the next scene, where the other 2 layouts are set.
i think, it´s a hype-bug, but i´m not shure.

here´s the same working example - layout splitted on different scenes - WORKING! (988,3 KB)

I downloaded your original example and noticed that the persistent symbols in your iPhone layout did not have ID’s. When you give these the same ID’s as your desktop layout then everything works.

You need to give your persistent symbols (in your iPhone layout) ID’s

When you copy over Persistent symbols. It should (in my opinion) copy the ID info if it has been set but it doesn’t

Edited version of yours. (987.0 KB)

thank you - very strange. your downloaded example is working first.
but when i delete the iphone - layout and change to a new layout,
it doesn´t work. i also changed the symbols ID for testing, but nothing changed then.
the symbol has now the same ID in both layouts, but doesn´t work.:astonished:


In your New layout did you give the same Symbols the same ID’s?

What’s happening from what I can see is the call to the Symbol Instances are not being found in the layout without a re-iteration of the ID. So in your example at the beginning there were errors being thrown when the Symbol variables you were setting were returning null. So to fix this I entered the same Symbol ID into the fields in the layout (iPhone one in this case) and all was well.

The id=“input1” doesn’t even come into play.

ahhhh - allright! on creating a new layout, the IDs for ALL symbols aren´t renamed.
i have to give ALL symbols the same name as in other layouts - this was the issue.
maby the tumult-team can solve this problem in the next update!! :relaxed:
this must be also the reason for my other game-responsive-problems. i´ll check it.

thank you very much for help @DBear! have a nice day!

click! #lightbulbmoment :slight_smile:

Glad you got there in the end. no worries.