Periscope Feed Not Working

Hey, has anyone come across this? I’ve been using Periscope for a while and set up my Twitter account on my webpage to embed whatever I tweeted. It’s been working wonderfully! Makes it look like someone works on my site daily! About a week ago, my Periscope feeds were showing up blank now instead of a play button with a image captured from the video feed. It makes my website look terrible now, I have this big white box now.

I contacted Periscope they said to download the latest, I did that, no change. I read from Twitter Developers to click on the Tweet and use the embed option and paste that code, same result, however on my Twitter page, it works fine, which leads me to hear. Do I need a newer version of my software? I’m using 3.6.7. Maybe my old Mac OS is failing me now? If anyone knows how to fix this I would be a happy camper, otherwise I’ll have to not use this anymore because if makes my site look bad.
To see what I’m talking about here are the links to my sites, a note that makes this even more interesting. It wasn’t just recent periscope feeds, it went back to everyone I’ve ever posted and replaced the image with the white box.
Here is my website with widget in the middle, Only Periscope is showing white box.

At the bottom you can click on the icons to go to Twitter and Periscope.
Thanks in advance!

I think this is because your site is loaded over http. You can get an SSL certificate for your site at While this is an issue with Periscope (they have a strict content security policy which doesn’t allow embedding their content on a page with http) you can resolve it yourself by loading your site over https.

Is this something new or they just caught it?

My guess is this is a change in how Periscope handles embeds. In the browser console I see this in Firefox:

In Chrome, I see: