Pausing Physics and Timeline Action


Is it possible to play a timeline, next, let physics happen, then play a new timeline? Or stop Physics after the physics-based motions start. Thanks.


Maybe a little more elaboration on what you need.

You can enable an element to have full Dynamics applied and also have a timeline(s) change its state.

When a timeline has been invoked it stops Physics being applied however when that timeline finishes Physics will still be applied. You can change this as you can access the Physics properties now as a keyframe in the properties dropdown. As Greg shows below.

:arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down: Link :arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down:


Thank you, DBear. I was able to change the physics state (ON/OFF/ON etc) of an element as part of a timeline - thanks for your suggestion - I did not know that it was a changeable property! Appreciate it.

(Greg) #4

Here’s a demo showing how to stop the Physics… (11.5 KB)


Thanks, Greg. Appreciate it. That’s how I was able to do it.