Pausing multiple Vimeo docs with the same JavaScript

I’ve been use this:

    var emptyInnerHTML = '';
hypeDocument.getElementById("video1" "video2" "video3" "video4").innerHTML = emptyInnerHTML

But only the first works.

I have 4 scenes each with the same vimeo HTML box in them.

The first scene (video1) works fine when the JavaScript is executed, however the others don’t.

Instead of making JavaScript docs for each video, how can I make this doc useable for every scene with VIMEO/Youtube video in?

Thank you!

It was a simple as:

	var emptyInnerHTML = '';
hypeDocument.getElementById("video1").innerHTML = emptyInnerHTML
hypeDocument.getElementById("video2").innerHTML = emptyInnerHTML
hypeDocument.getElementById("video3").innerHTML = emptyInnerHTML
hypeDocument.getElementById("video4").innerHTML = emptyInnerHTML