Pausing a motion path animation and starting a new one fails in big documents

(Oana Goge) #1

This may be a bug, unless I am missing something.

So I have the following scenario:

  • Timeilne1 has a motion path, and is set to repeat using a "Start Timeline"keyframe at the end
  • Timeline2 starts with a “Pause Timeline” set to Timeline1. Then it moves the same element along a different motion path.

This works in small scenes, but if I have a larger scene with lots of animations, it doesn’t work. It seems that Hype pauses Timeline1, continues Timeline2 and then puts the object to where Timeline1 was paused, stopping the motion path of Timeline2.

I have set a bug report to Hype with the full document, and I’d rather not post it publicly, but I am curious if anyone has any ideas.

The only way I can think of to fix the issue is putting the object in a Group, and having the second motion path act on the group instead, but there will be a lot of such objects, and it will increase memory requirements quite a bit.

Are there any alternative ideas?