Pause for loading

Question: I have two different scenes which have videos. in the first frame of the scene, I pause the time line. Then I added an event onLayoutLoad to continue timeline. It seems to work, but is this problematic or is there a better way of doing this?

You might want to give the Audio/Video DOM canplay Event a try to see if this approach is an improvement.

It sounds like you might not really be doing anything; On Layout Load doesn't wait for videos and effectively gets triggered immediately when the layout is shown.

@JimScott's advice is the right direction - if you wanted to hold up playing a timeline until a video has enough data to play through you'd do something like:

// assign a Unique Element ID in Hype's Identity Inspector; ex: myVideoID
var videoElement = hypeDocument.getElementById("myVideoID");

// function that will continue the main timeline
function beginAnimations() {
    hypeDocument.continueTimelineNamed("Main Timeline");

if(videoElement.readyState > 3) {
    // if it is already in a good state just begin
} else {
    // otherwise wait for the canplaythrough event
    videoElement.oncanplaythrough = beginAnimations();