Pasting SVG code into Hype squares


Hello, looking for some help from the pro’s!
I’m having trouble pasting SVG code into Hype. I’m only able to successfully copy/paste SVG code into html of only one hype square, for the head of a character for example, then when I try to paste the SVG code of the left or right arm of a character it doesn’t work, it pastes the right code but the image generated is of the head of the character and not of the left or right arm of the character. I’m not able to paste two or more unique images into two separate hype squares. I know it sounds confusing… Any ideas? some help would be massively appreciated

please see pic below for example of what im talking about. The top square is the head of a Teddy bear (without eyes etc…)The bottom squares should be different pictures (left and right arm for example) but it’s showing the previously pasted code of the head of the character …

Many thanks!


Hi @Silverpixel

You’re right about confusing :smile:

Where are you pasting the code from? Are you actually copying and pasting different code? or is it the same for some reason? Sometimes I have copied something from an app, for example and gone into
another app only to find the pasted object is something different or something old that was copied to the clipboard.



Hi, yeh a bit confused, can’t work out what to do.

I’m using Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer together and I’m trying to create and animate a teddy bear. I’ve managed to actually achieve what I want to do but with Png’s and I’v ended up with quite a big file size. The animation is only 20 seconds long and 8mb in file size. After searching around the forums for ways of reducing file size I came upon this post Tried pivot animation with SVG in Hype who is using SVG code to import and animate his illustration and the file size is super low. So I’m trying to redraw the animation using SVG instead of Png.

The picture above has three squares drawn in Hype. The top square is of the head and the code always works fine for the first paste into a square, now when I draw another square for an arm of the teddy and try to paste a completely different SVG code into the square, it pastes back in the previous image into the square but the code is the correct one.


Now when I draw anything with a vector pen tool in Affinity Designer, everything works fine. It only doesn’t work on pixel images SVG code

I hope something of that made sense, It’s confusing trying to write about it



P.S. Yep! definitely pasting the absolutely correct code in it. I’m using Espresso and I know what you mean about accidental paste from the clipboard, happens to me too so I always make sure I’m pasting the correct code in there…