Pasting Keyframes

Hello There,
I’m working every day with Hype and I actually already got used to a problem which is pretty frustrating. Whenever I am copy/pasting a keyframe in the timeline it does not paste it where at the position I’ve set the pointer to. Normally Hype pastes it at the end of the timeline, from where I have to select it again and move it to my desired destination.
Am I doing something wrong? I am quite familiar with copy paste from other animation programs (after Effects/ adobe Edge/ google web designer / etc …) so I think I know the concept :slight_smile:

I am quite used to the workaround, of moving the pasted keyframes back in place where I want them but it actually suchs. Does anybody know what I am talking about.

Thank you in adance,
any help is very appreciated cause it could save me a lot of time and stress,

best , vincent

We found a lot of users were getting in states where they were too easily pasting on top of existing keyframes or in odd positions that made a lot of work to manipulate keyframes to get the right positioning, when generally the likely result was wanting to paste after the last animation. So we changed some of the behavior for v1.6, but got perhaps a bit overzealous and the current system is clearly not perfect. We’re planning to refine it further in a future release.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any good workarounds, though note if you just need a keyframe state instead of animation, that will go wherever the playhead is located at.

It would be really wonderful if there were an ability for the keyframes to paste where the timeline marker is placed. It gets very cumbersome to have to move to the end of the timeline to find the pasted keyframes, then move them back to where you really want them.

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