Paste into image shape ellipse, rectangle, vector shape

Would be great if we had this (below) for copied images from the web and paste directly into the shape as background.

You have no idea how much time would be saved. Adobe Indesign has the selection and I just love it, wish it was part of Hype.

Are you referring to pasting as the background image property?

Otherwise, Hype does paste as a new element into groups if that group has been entered.

Pasting a background into a shape ellipse?

The group method works too - however, In my case I need to mimic an ellipse in order to paste into the group which I can add to round it off to 200-500px value. But how different is the process code wise?

I was merely talking about ellipse shape, the notion that any shapes allows for images to be added in it by way choosing color or image drop down menu browsing and pointing to a file. Taking this concept further, it would be a huge time saver if I can just paste into the shape.

Cool - I just wanted to clarify that you meant the background image property. Amazingly we did not have a prior request for this, but it seems pretty obvious to do :).

(It is more efficient to have one element than two, but in most practical cases/simple documents won’t really matter beyond the organization being overly complicated)

Yes btw, In order to achieve this with a grouping method In Hype I had to do the following:

  1. Create a Group

  2. Give it a specific round value depending on how big/small the group is, the value is obviously not the same but one max value should encompass all of the sizes at 500px

  3. Hide or Mask edges via content overflow hidden to give it the “ellipse” look

  4. Adjust the image separate of group

Do you see where Im going with this? Laborious Isn’t it?

Indesign is where this feature shines, it allows for paste into ellipse frame and adjust separate of image as an option and fit image proportionally inside of the frame all via short cuts.

If you can somehow create a “Frame” that is an ellipse aka “Hype Group” to allow it the same functions this would save people a considerable amount of time.


Not that it handles all cases, but if you had the pasted image as a file on disk, you could use the ellipse element and choose a background image for it too. This would at least improve the radius and scaling issues (but would not act the same was as a mask).