Paste elements from vectorial application

I have seen that this suggestion or similar has been done before but I want to insist :slight_smile: @Bigwig @jangeltun
I would love for hype to be able to import something copied or imported from Affinity or Illustrator as ‘vector shapes’ instead of as a svg. Maybe an alert that would allow me to paste in the scene as multiple vector elements shape or in the scene as object svg.

For example I am prototyping a game with physics and it would be much easier if the work could be done with the design of the levels outside of hype. This way, it could take better advantage of both environments and accelerate development.
Hype is a great tool that I have already used in several projects … this is one of the games that I have prototyped (It works on mobile tilting the device!)



Don't know if this is still relevant but may help you out..

To export SVG files from Illustrator, you need to choose File > Save As . Indeed, a SVG file is just an XML file, and Illustrator can store inside private information to edit the file later on. It’s a way to save a full Illustrator file in XML (another use case for SVG).

read the article though as it talks about exporting multiple svgs using artboards!.

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Thanks for the answer @MarkHunte!

I’m used to import svg content from affinity designer for example. Here I mean rather to be able to separate the elements in ‘vector shapes’ that have the ability to integrate into the hype physics engine, even admit tweaks, while importing svg these become non-editable blocks and not integrated with the engine of physics.
I’m using the google translator, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


At this time this is not possible, you have to re-trace manually the existing shape.

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Thanks for the request - I’m pretty sure this is going to become the new top requested feature once v4 hits :smile:.


I see from the opposite side; hype is becoming the best companion for people working with AD (and AI). It could be Affinity to develop an export to Hype!
Affinity desperately needs an animation program to offer an equivalent Adobe package, Now, with the upcoming Affinity Publisher the Adobe Killer set is almost complete.

A collaboration between software companies? this is a possible future in my opinion.

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I would love to easily import vector paths from Sketch (e.g. via copy-paste). Animating & morphing paths in Hype 4.0 has been so much fun :smiley: