Particle as Network animation


is it possible to let the particles running in the background oaf my html5 project?


Yes - there’s a few approaches you could take:

  • Edit the .html file after export and include relevant code as a background layer
  • Create your background layer as a .html file, upload it, and then use an HTML Widget (aka iframe) within Hype that has a specified URL to this file
  • Create an HTML Widget (aka iframe) in Hype, and basically inline all the code necessary to play the particles.js. You can also reference items in the Hype Resource library via the magic ${resourcesFolderName} variable, like:
    <script src = "${resourcesFolderName}/particles.js"></script>
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Oh great i will try this weekend. :grinning:

has this changed recently? Wasn’t it


:smiley: shall I put the coffee on?

${resourcesFolderName} is correct - I’m gonna blame the jetlag; coffee would be great. I’ve fixed the above post.