Part of an image clickable (mapping)

How do you make a part of an image clickable?
I used to do this in dreamweaver 6 by using a draw tool… How can this be done in hype.


Use whatever shape you want. No color, no borders.
Click the watch on the tree. (197.4 KB)

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A bit more complex way of doing this is cutting the part that needs to be clickable in an image editing program out and putting that cut-out part into a button. That way you can also apply effects to the clickable part like highlights which gives the user a visible confirmation about his/her action.

Below I cut out all kinds of items in the bg-image, like the laptop. I removed the actual laptop in photoshop but used the outline of it to create a glowing effect.
I put this glow effect saved as a png in the button, gave it 0 transparency on the normal button state, 100% on hover and moved the button 2-3 pixels up on hit/pressed.