Parallax scroll help


(Lochli Istvan) #1

Hello everyone. Despite all my efforts, I could not solve this problem. The movement is working but not when I use the scroll function. What solution do we have? You can find the example here. (598.4 KB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

It seems to work for me (see video). Are you still encountering issues and if so can you elaborate on the problem? Could it be a device/browser specific issue?

(P.S. it is a really nice effect!)

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #3

Even my mobile says nice effect.

(Pete) #4

@lochlistvan here you go I made it for work for you (591.8 KB)

@lochlistvan it works for forward timeline but not for reverse. The rule is defined in the script to work reverse but it doesnt work let me look into this. Heres a version that does allow you to scroll up and down forward and reverse. (592.7 KB)