Parallax Scroll Effect

Has anyone tried doing a Parallax Scroll Effect? I’ve seen some demo code somewhere but I do remember it being as what I good as in the video linked below. I would love to know if you were able to make this work successfully and if so any pointers on how you did it.


You might want to check out this blog entry:

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@jonathan. That’s very cool. And it would be some much more manageable if it was navigating between scenes instead of all within one scene. Within one scene, it gets very cluttered and memory intensive. Can you think of a way to make this work with a scene for each scroll step. And if so, would the performance be good enough to make it work.

I’ve been working on a pseudo parallax scrolling site for a while now. Can’t show you I’m afraid but basically all I did was use the scroll wheel code from above and then (because one long scene was too messy to edit for me) I just used standard scenes but transitioned ‘bottom to top’/‘top to bottom’ to move between then and animate stuff in as soon as they load so it looks like one long page. I then used a persistant symbol as a menu, with the checkbox that makes it stay in place between transitions selected, so the page scrolls up/down underneath it.
Works a treat and still allows you to organise into scenes.


Thank you Roger! Interesting about the transitions. I’ll have to try that - I would think that would create a delayed affect because you scroll and then it animates.

Glad to know it works - I can’t even imagine putting it all in one scene. Have you seen this. It wasn’t done in Hype but I wonder if something like this could be done using the method you describe:

Hi Steve,
Sorry, only just seen this!. Yes, that could easily be created by making the header and footer persistent symbols across the whole document and then transition between scenes.

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Really great.