Parallax effect animated by Accelerometer

Hi Everybody,
Has someone tried to animate something using accelerometer like in this tutorial for Edge Animate?


I don't use Adobe Edge Animate, but I have used accelerometer data in a Hype project.

Also, the "Control gravity with device tilt" is likely using accelerometer data.

Hi Michael,
can you please attach here a project with a accelerometer connection?
so I’ll try to create a parallax effect moving in different direction multiple backgrounds.

Could be helpful for everybody to have this kind of project as example, because the parallax effect with accelerometer is very common on mobiles ads


The project I created is part of an unreleased App. It's not for posting. An Internet search for "DeviceMotion Events" is a good starting point.

hi… im noobs… i also searching for this… parallax effect controlled by accelerometer thingy…

i found simple solution… (and noob)
for parallax going to work you need at least 3 photo… (1 big background, middle photo, and foreground image)
you just need to create 3 symbols, and each inside of it you just add “Physics” full physics body. (symbols need so the image don’t make collusion)
dont forget to add some “walls” (using 4 rectangle on left-right-top-bottom with 0 opacity) in each of the symbols… (118.3 KB)

I like share an example of parallax and swing ad, connected with the gyroscope.
It’s responsive for ipad and iphone portrait.
Enjoy it. (373.5 KB)