Panorama hotspots

Im using Kolor Panotour Pro to create a panorama which I will embed via iframe into Hype.
The panorama does not tick the hotspots that have been visited so I was trying to work out if I could have a counter in hype that counts down the hotspots left to be clicked.

Panotour pro allows me to run javascript when the hotspot is clicked but I don’t know how to achieve it

I don’t know about javascript as I’m horrible with that (my brain just goes blank :confused:) but if you don’t have too many hotspots you can achieve this pretty easy with timelines.

Like this (I think) :sweat_smile:. (19.7 KB)

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Thanks Rick, I have done that in the past but because the panorama needs to be embedded in an iframe it doesn’t appear possible from what I’ve read

The issue appear only if you test the panorama in the iframe?
change the setting of the frame and try again

BTW: panotour pro is a good program but is better PANO2VR, no bugs on OSX, no hidden costs for professionals, better support.

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Hi Michelangelo, do you mean embed the pano in hype without an i Frame? I don’t know how to do that

only change the setting of the iframe ( picture above)

see alo