Panorama hotspots

(Michael) #1

Im using Kolor Panotour Pro to create a panorama which I will embed via iframe into Hype.
The panorama does not tick the hotspots that have been visited so I was trying to work out if I could have a counter in hype that counts down the hotspots left to be clicked.

Panotour pro allows me to run javascript when the hotspot is clicked but I don’t know how to achieve it

(Rick) #2

I don’t know about javascript as I’m horrible with that (my brain just goes blank :confused:) but if you don’t have too many hotspots you can achieve this pretty easy with timelines.

Like this (I think) :sweat_smile:. (19.7 KB)

(Michael) #3

Thanks Rick, I have done that in the past but because the panorama needs to be embedded in an iframe it doesn’t appear possible from what I’ve read

(Freelancer) #4

The issue appear only if you test the panorama in the iframe?
change the setting of the frame and try again

BTW: panotour pro is a good program but is better PANO2VR, no bugs on OSX, no hidden costs for professionals, better support.

(Michael) #5

Hi Michelangelo, do you mean embed the pano in hype without an i Frame? I don’t know how to do that

(Freelancer) #6

only change the setting of the iframe ( picture above)

see alo