Overlapping hotspot


I am currently doing an app that have a slide in and out effect plus when it slide in, the page can scroll up and when it slide out, there are certain hotspot can click and jump to another scenes. My question is when I am doing the scroll action the rest of the buttons’ hotspot still working, so it is very easy to miss hit some other buttons and than jump to other scenes instead of scrolling up. Can anyone give me a solution? I tried to change the layers but It is ended up only the scrolling effect working but the click to jump scenes. The" Ignore all pointer event" not working as well because I still need the buttons work once the scrollable page slides out. Please give me some advice. I been struggling with this for one day and it is very close to the deadline now.

Sorry that since this is a companies project, I cannot upload it on here. But I really need helps tho. ps, the scroll up is in a separate timeline than the slide in&out timeline.

Anyone wants to help? I will very appreciated your help.Plz:scream::sob:


It is very difficult to troubleshoot someone else’s project without the Hype working file. I do not have a clear idea what is going on based on your description - and even if was was crystal clear - there might be other elements causing issues that You are unaware of. This scenario actually happens a fair amount with problems people write in about on this Forum.

I see You mentioned You can not post a Hype project due to confidentiality issues - BUT why not simply swap images~text (or whatever) with something generic so the Forum can have access to the working model?

An to be clear - You mention iOS in the subject category of the post - but is iOS the only place this problem shows up? (i.e. it works on the desktop, etc. just fine).

You should avoid ‘On Mouse up/down’ aka ‘touch start/stop’ in along with scrolling. Use ‘On Click’ (Tap) instead.