OSX Sierra - Can't find "Resources" Folder

I’ve recently upgraded to OSX Sierra. When I export a hype file via “Advanced Export” it ends up crashing, stating it can’t find index.html and dropping the original hype file in a strange subdirectory.

A show package contents of the working HYPE file reveals the Resources and Thumbnails folder have been stripped.

I noticed reports of this issue back when El Capitan was released and I am working from a NAS using AFP drive mapping. In the past you have stated you should only work locally, but in a professional creative studio environment working from shared servers and NAS storage is not only a very real requirement but sometimes mandatory.

I actually had no issues on El Capitan but this issue has cropped up via sierra. Other than saving locally is there something that can be done? Or can can we get this to work on mapped drives even if it means disabling revision history?

Many thanks

Are you saving on your NAS or locally?

Have you experienced this issue with any other tools on your NAS? The issue is that the AFP protocol is not great--Hype saves out a plist file during edits, and all images are saved within a folder within a Apple-based folder package. At some point the save might not have stuck. When saving (or autosaving), a temporary folder is created in the folder containing the .hype file and changes are written there prior to being applied to the original file.

(above: saving a file on a NAS)

I've seen this issue on Google Drive, on iCloud Drive (thought not as much recently), and network attached storage. Unfortunately this seems to be a network-related bug with how files are written to quasi-local storage. Turning of autosaving might reduce the amount of writes, but I don't have a fix unfortunately.

I also hit this issue when saving a document to a network volume:

Hey Daniel,

Many thanks for the reply as always. Yes, I also get the “does not support permanent storage version” also but have lived with it.

It was a good tip on the plist and AFP protocol issues and depending on who you want to believe Apple may indeed be leaving AFP behind for SMB.

Sadly SMB shares on a Mac are as slow as a wet weekend although the following tip did provide a very significant SMB performance increase over network shares.

How to Fix Slow SMB File Transfers on OS X 10.11.5+ and macOS Sierra

So I’ll plug away on an SMB share and see how we go with HYPE and update as required. If nothing else the above tip might help someone else.