Option to Create Symbol with selection and inherit custom behaviours, timeline and actions as well as animations

As it says on the tin.

It would be handy not to have to recreate all timelines, actions and custom behaviours when you convert an object/s into a symbol.
Being able to do this would make the symbol easier to create and use as a stand alone object.

At the moment the closes we can get is to be able to get animations included but these are all put on the main timeline of the symbol. which means you have to still recreate you setup again.

Even just an option to duplicate timeline/s ( including actions) and or custom behaviours of the current scene to into the selected symbol may work…



Timelines that have animations involving the elements are transferred into the new symbol. (example: if a rectangle has animations on Main Timeline and Untitled Timeline, the symbol will have those two timelines). Do you see this is not the case?

I can see that it would make sense for there to be an option to have custom behaviors and potentially scene actions optionally be copied.

Thanks for the feedback!


Sorry my bad,

When I was writing this my main goal was to get custom behaviours added then I remembered that timeline actions also do not transfer over.

I did a quick test to double check the timelines action and in the process some how did not get the timeline?.
Not sure what happened there. But I did not get the test timeline. Lets put that bit down to user error… and an addled brain… of cause timelines follow over :roll_eyes:

The actions definitely do not which are a big part of any animation

Scene actions also… yes please.

No worries :slight_smile:.

The main issue is there could easily be items that don’t really apply to the symbol, so I’m not sure how to do this from a UI perspective that makes sense yet, but I’m leaning towards the approach that a common use case is that there’s really nothing else on the scene that would use the timeline actions/custom behaviors, so you could just say “I know what I’m doing, move everything.”

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And in most cases it is easier to remove the bits you do not want rather than add the all bits you do.

Thanks mate

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