Option Drag (ie. After Effects) to replace image

Might be dupe, but would save time to replace image vs selecting element tab choosing image via dialog box.

A lot of my work flow involves creating a list item then having to duplicate and varying the list items. So this would definitely be a time saver.

Great job and love the product!

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You can select the image file in the Resouces pane and use the replace button…


But not sure if this is right for you as re reading again, This would replace all occurances of the image…

Hi Mark,

I am aware of that and what I am requesting is a bit different. Let’s say you have 2 images in the resources panel A & B. A is in the canvas and I have animation on it. I want to be able to option drag B from resource on to canvas and replace A. If I need to do this for CDEFG… replacing via the resource -> replace can be cumbersome. :slight_smile:

Totally agree, I have often wanted to do similar. I think though there would be a few hoops to implement it. Like a new edit mode for the selected element or new key-drag combo

Thanks for the request - this has been a long standing pet issue of mine to do.

Note that you can select ‘Choose’ from the Background section of the Element Inspector. It will open a Finder Open Dialog, but if the image you choose is already in the document, it won’t result in a duplicate and switch over to that.

Love the instant feedback :smile:

Would also love to see support for folders in the resources panel. Mine is getting large and lots of scrolling. Thanks!

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(Not really the same, but note that you can search and filter by type at the top – sometimes this gets overlooked!)