Opinions Wanted! Looking to clarify Google Ad platform (Ads, Campaign Manager, Studio, etc) export scripts

Hi folks! I'm looking for thoughts from people who have used or are familiar with the various family of Google-owned ad products.

As you may be aware, Tumult makes Export Scripts available which can help automate the creation and packaging of ads for google platforms. Currently we have three export scripts for Google ad products:

  1. DoubleClick Studio
  2. DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  3. AdWords

Google has rebranded all of these services, so the names are a bit defunct. Further, Google has combined and remixed several services. A lot of the branding overlaps from the various families of ad products Google has developed and acquired over the years.

I am looking to update the Export Scripts naming and potentially functionality to match current realities. Since we're experts on creative tools and not google ad products, I'd like to use some collective wisdom to make sure everything is refactored correctly.

If I were to put relevant ad products in a "tree" form, my basic understanding is that it would look something like this:

  • Google Marketing Platform: previously DoubleClick
    • Display and Video 360: a new unifying platform
      • Google Campaign Manager 360: previously DoubleClick Campaign Manager
        • Studio: previously DoubleClick Studio
    • Google Ad Manager: previously DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Google Ads: previously AdWords
  • Google AdMob: just AdMob before

Frankly, I'm uncertain this is the right way to map it. To make matters a bit complicated, several of these platforms seem to share ad formats.

  • Studio, Google Campaign Manager 360, Display and Video 360, and Google AdMob seem to be able to use the current DoubleClick Studio export script. This uses the Enabler.js file.
  • Google Campaign Manager 360, Display and Video 360, Google Ad Manager, seem to be able to use the DoubleClick Campaign Manager export script. These use a clickTag.

At least, that's what I can gleam from the documentation!

A simple renaming of Export Scripts would map to the new products:

  1. DoubleClick Studio → Google Studio
  2. DoubleClick Campaign Manager → Google Campaign Manager 360
  3. AdWords → Google Ads

This is the most straight forward way to rename on our end, but it is clear to folks who use these products?

I'm worried about:

  • The export scripts can apply to other products, not just the ones they are named after
  • Folks may still be more familiar with the old names of products
  • Even some of these names aren't exacting... Google calls it "Studio" but this name conflicts with their other "Data Studio" ad-related product!

If you have any thoughts on Google's Ad format naming, thoughts on this post, or thoughts in the past when you tried to download export scripts and were confused, please let me know!

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Will leave my 2 dollars today.

Maybe we can bundle the exports and name them Google Enabler and Google Clicktag* variants.

I have no experience with the enabler.js version. As most of these Ads get generated on the Platform itself and only assets are needed or to be produced with their in Google Web Designer product.

*) There still are structure differences between Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads. So that could not work 100%.

Even their Validators are being updated in the near future. Still hold the old names.


Thanks! This is an interesting idea - this is definitely a good split along the technological lines. Do ad creators generally know this as the difference?

There'd also be the "AdWords" one which would need some other name, but probably just Google Ad is okay for that.

The docs heavily imply other tools like hand coding or Hype won't work, but I believe it more just "unsupported."

FWIW I looked at how GWD refers to the various formats. There's a bit of difference depending on where in the UI you look.

New File Templates:

  • "Display & Video 360"
  • "Google Ads and AdMob" or just "Google Ads"

Publish menu:

  • "Studio"
  • "Display & Video 360"
  • "Campaign Manager"
  • also has locally and google drive options

File > Ad Environment menu item setting:

  • "Display & Video 360"
  • "Google AdMob"
  • "Google Ads"
  • "Non-Google Ad"

One would think the environment capabilities would be different (clicktag vs enabler vs not much), but it turns out all the Google-based exports are basically identical and all use Enabler.js. Only if you choose "Non-Google Ad" does it not include enabler. None use clicktag.

Yeah, I noticed they have deprecation warnings. I didn't find a specific plan they have, most online speculation is that they are bringing the validation closer to the injection/platform tools. This is a bit of a shame, as I feel I've seen folks use these to validate ads which are even on different platforms but take the same format.

For fun, I tried uploading the GWD ads to the validation tool, and they fail since it seems they do not declare the ad.size meta tag.

I also tried uploading a Studio ad to the AdWords verifier (since it uses Enabler) and that fails a DoubleClick Studio check (as one would expect). So the guidance from this tool vs. what GWD does is suspect.

This all seems very long winded :slight_smile:. Thanks for your input!

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I'm not an expert but one thing is sure: some agencies were reluctant to use Hype Pro that I demoed to them despite the many qualities compared to Animate, especially the multisize feature and the one-click export of all sizes.

So, a massive update of Hype in these fields, and I will be able to warn my clients that they can switch to Hype. :wink:

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I say, wait on Google. Or, or I could poke my head inside Google and get you the person to talk to @jonathan?

Your choice.

I think that's the way to go. I revised the descriptions on the Export Scripts page and will hold off on a bit to see how it shakes up over time. I appreciate the offer to connect me - I may take you up on that in the future.


I am trying to get myself familiar with google ads, and I did not found those types on google sites, what I find are these types at https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2567043?hl=en

Is that same thing please?


If you google (haha, I know) these individual names, you'll find individual websites for the different platforms:

  • Google Marketing Platform : previously DoubleClick
    • Display and Video 360 : a new unifying platform
    • Google Campaign Manager 360 : previously DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Studio : previously DoubleClick Studio
  • Google Ad Manager : previously DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Google Ads : previously AdWords
  • Google AdMob : just AdMob before
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Thanks Daniel.

I just took two days to learn google ads, there are some limits for different types of google ads:


Anyway to show hiting limits in Hype please?


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There's presently no way (short of what Advanced Export provides, which isn't the same as the guidelines), but I agree this would be a good feature to add to keep track while building ads.